Wednesday 4 January 2012

I Feel Naked Without....

I was always a clear polish on my fingers, coloured polish on my toes kind of girl...until maybe a year or so ago. Now I feel naked without my finger nails all colourful and pretty. This morning while staring at my nail polish racks indecisively I thought I would write this post on what I like and don't like about my most used  brands and current Sara approved colours.
Essie has a great brush for me, its thin which allot of people don't like but its wonderful for people like me with slim/short nails. Great formula and gorgeous range of colours. I do tend to go more for the nudes..Ive never found better nudes to compliment my skin tone. Some of my winter fall faves are:
(in order) Jazz, Angora Cardi, Mink Muffs, Fiji and lady Like

                                             BUTTER LONDON   
Beautiful colours, great packaging but because of the high price of these polishes I only feel the need to buy this brand if the colour is unique. although its not an unusual shade I do find myself wearing: 
The Old Bill                                                                 
I love the formula and the colour range for this brand as well but i do find it a bit difficult to paint my nails sometimes because of the large brush. Especially on my pinkie nails. 3 of my current OPI loves are:
Ate Berries in the Canaries, Lincoln park After Dark and Warm & Fozzie.
Misa is a nail polish brand I never hear anyone talking about but its one of my favourite brands these days. I find it has a very unique formula the seems to go on a bit sheer but as it dries it some how goes opaque, sometimes only needing one coat. They also have the most gorgeous range of bright colours. Because this is for my fall/winter favourites I didn't included any brights. Loving:
Toxic Seduction

Out here in Canada I do most of my nail polish shopping at Shoppers Drug mart (Essie), Trade Secrets (OPI & Misa), The Bay (Butter London) Winners (Seche Vite). I also love for finding current and older collections and great deals.

Thanks For Stopping by Beauties:)

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