Saturday 7 January 2012

Today I May Be Wearing....

After yesterdays post I got some messages about my eye shadow so I decided I would show a few looks I like to create from some of my palettes. Im not a professional and my technique may  appear lacking but I really dont care. I just love being able to create and transform with a little imagination and a few beautiful colours. I love the endless looks you can create, combining colours you may think at first wouldn't go together!!

I used Haight in the inner 3rd then Infamous on the outer half applying both with a flat packing brush then blending the 2 colours back and forth in the middle, placing Rockstar in the crease. Next i blending the 2 lid colours together and using a pencil brush I lined my lower lashes. I finished by lining, curling and putting mascara on my upper lashes.

I applied Half Baked all over the lid using the UD brush from the palette. I placed Smog and Dark Horse in the outer V. Using Virgin in the inner corner. I then used a bronze liner on the upper lashes followed by curling my lashes and applying mascara.

                    KAT VON D ..TRUTH
I started by placing Sugar Skull in the inner corner/third. Next I used Long Distance on the outer V. Placing Galeano in the middle blending the edges where the colours meet. Placing Snake Eyes in the the crease (using my fingers to apply all the shadow). Finishing this look with purple eyeliner and mascara on my top lashes.

In this look I used Satin Taupe all over the lid using a flat shadow brush. Using a fluffy crease brush I placed Cranberry in the crease and outer V. I went back over the crease with Antiqued. Last I lined my top lid and curled and applied mascara to my top lashes

The looks above are just a few looks I wear. I pretty much try something new every time I apply my eye makeup. For a night time weekend look I would use any of these looks adding thicker eye liner usually in a cat eye shape and adding false lashes to the outer corner.

Thanks for checking out today's post beauties:)

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