Monday 13 February 2012


Hey Beauties I was searching through my Beauty Journal for a good and easy DIY project for you lovely people stopping by for a read and I came across one I forgot I wrote down months ago and well its hands down the easiest Beauty DIY I will probably ever post on The beautiful World of Lennyn B. 

Easy Home Made Tinted Lip Balm:)

Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)
Flame Source like a Candle
Small Container
Stir Stick
Metal Spoon

STEP 1 - Scoop some Vaseline up with your metal spoon remember you will also need to leave room for lipstick and when melted the solution does leave room!!

STEP 2 - Cut a chunk of what ever lipstick you would like to use off into the same spoon your Vaseline is in. There should be equal parts.

STEP 3 - Now melt the mixture by holding the metal spoon over a flame like a candle stirring careful it melts fast and can get messy if you don't use caution!!

STEP 4 - Now carefully pour the mixture into a small container. I was out of my usual clear containers I use for DIY projects so I used this one..sorry it makes the lip balm a bit hard to see.

STEP 5 - Put it in the fridge and in about 30 mins you have a solid pot of lightly tinted moisturizing lip balm 
Pigment of lip balm depends on the amount of lipstick you add & the colour you use

  Well its that easy..hope you enjoyed another Beauty DIY:)

Sara xo


  1. aw thanks hun. I actually found and really liked your blog but couldnt find it when I searched for it again. So glad you commented:)

  2. thanks you thats sweet of you to say.