Saturday 31 March 2012


Hi Beauties, I was watching YouTube today and came across a new tag created by GlowingGorgeous and thought it was such a fun idea I had to do it. There is only 5 questions. Here We Go...

Question 1...
What High End Product would you like to get?
I have wanted these forever now but just havent been able to justify the price. Not only have I heard wonderful things about these multi-coloured wonders but the tin would look so pretty on my vanity:)
Question 2...
What Low End Product would you love to get?
Beautiful colours, good colour payoff and great reviews and for 3 dollars how could I go wrong.
Question 3...
What Product do you Own but would like to get more of?
I only own one and I love it. So pigmented and a gorgeous colour. Every time I go to Shoppers or Sephora I want to buy them all.
Question 4...
What Product do you want but will probally never get?
I have wanted to try out Chanel Foundations for a while but because they arent sold near me I would have to try to find a place to order from online. Too much money to spend on a product I cant see or colour match first.
Question 5...
What Product are you Planning/Wanting to get because of Raves by Beauty Gurus?
Have heard nothing but wonderful things about Samantha Chapman's line of brushes but since they dont ship to Canada yet (hopefully one day) I will have to wait..but they will be mine:)
I want The Face & Eye Brushes:)
Hope you liked this Tag post and if you do your own Beauty Bucket list please comment with link below, I would love to see it.

Sara xo


  1. Benefit High Beam. I keep adding it to my cart, but I always back out. $26 for a highlighter makes me cringe.

    GUERLAIN METEORITES do look nice, and I agree, the tin is so cute.

    As for those brushes. If you know someone who lives where they can be shipped to, see if they won't order them and then have them send them to you. lol Just an idea.

  2. I do have family in the UK which I believe would be alot cheaper even with the exchange rate compared to the states but I dont really know them well and would feel weird asking them. Hoping to get some shopping done in the states (NY) at some point this year if I can get over my fear of traveling alone:)

  3. the real techniques brushes are great! i love them :)

  4. I understand the fear of traveling alone. Plan out an itinerary for places to eat and shop etc. and map it all out. With google maps you can get an idea of the layout of the area and places you plan to go so you can at least be familiar with it on some level. And print them out and use them when your there. It may help take some of the fear out of it.