Thursday 15 March 2012

I Need Your Help Dolls...Please:)

Just a quick post to ask about some of the products you guys love and would recommend. I research and own enough make-up to know what companies have products that would cater to my current needs but I want to know what works for you guys, your opinions do matter to me.

My skin has been Changing lately and i need help finding what products are best for me now. I have dealt with extremely dry skin all my life now all a sudden my t zone gets quite oily during the day. Everything I currently own is for dry Skin. (I'm Right In between MAC NW 20 & NW 25)

I want to try out new products for brows. I use and have only used brow powder (like shadow) 
(medium brown brows)

I Need a great Matte or almost matte bronzer. Not leaning on the Orange Side. I only have Benefit Hoola (travel size) and one by Rimmel.

What's for favorite red shade? I love the look of a brighter red lip and I'm not afraid to wear colour as I sport brighter pinks, corals and purples & even oranges on my lips regularly but when It comes to reds I am clueless.

Please let me know your favorites so I can check them out. I am in Canada but if a few people recommend the same product and its not available to buy here I will hunt it down online if I can. Thanks Beauties

Sara XO


  1. and M.A.C Russian Red lipstick

  2. also if you get anything that is oil free in cleanser will not build up whats there and wash it away. Also aveno moisturizer is helping my very dry patches on my cheeks

  3. thanks hun. I will check out MAC and I am worried about buying new face washes cause although my skin isnt acne prone it is sensitive but I guess its trial and error now

  4. For brows, I highly recommend speed brow from Benefit. It's a gel that both lightly tints and shapes the hairs. I use it daily and don't know what I'd do without it!

  5. Thanks doll. I have actually picked that up numerous times at sephora and put it back. Wanted to know what others thought about it first:)