Tuesday 27 March 2012


Hey Dolls if you saw my last Haul you know I was in need of a new foundation and picked up the PUR MINERALS starter kit. I have never tried a powder foundation before because I never thought it would cover enough (redness) and it would look cakey..but I thought ah why not just try it.

1. First off I do still need some concealer under my eyes but since this is a powder foundation I apply it before instead of after my foundation like i normally would. To apply the PUR MINERALS 3in1 Powder foundation I tap the chisel brush into the the powder do a swirl into the lid then I swirl it in circular motions over my face.
2. Next I apply the Bronzing Powder (they say it can be swept all over the face for a sun kissed look) with an angled powder brush in the 3 E pattern as well as down my nose across top of my forehead.
3. Last I tap my big powder brush lightly into the the Pink Marble Blush (very pigmented) and apply it to the apples over my cheeks, sweeping it up lightly.

                                  NO MAKE-UP:(
                      APPLYING THE FOUNDATION
                                      MARBLE BLUSH
                                       ALL DONE
My Verdict..I think this foundation is great. A very unexpected 2 thumbs up from me. Although I still need concealer under my eyes it does cover redness quite well, doesn't look cakey, feels very light and keeps my T zone shine free all day. I love trying new foundations but I'm sure I will be adding the full size products to my Make-up collection in the future.
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Sara XO


  1. I have never tried those products before. Thanks, I will have to check them out. The foundation looks very nice. Would you describe it as light coverage?

  2. oops sorry should of mentioned that. I found the coverage quite light like in between a tinted moisturizer & light foundation. Great for me because my skin doesnt get many spots but I do have a lot of redness in areas and a little shine in places too..granted might be buildable but I only did 1 layer

  3. Very good, I have days where I can get away with light coverage. And yes you have great skin. love you blogs btw.

  4. This is a great post - I've never even heard of these products before but they look great on you!

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  5. Thanks Doll. Your blog Is great and congrats on having your blog Featured:) * new follower here!!

  6. Secret weapon: Nivea for men makes an undereye revitalizer and it has coq 10 in it, you roll it under your eyes and it totally gets rid of the dark circles or puffyness the co q 10 is what does it, and i have some bad dark circles in the morning, and by the time it dries absolutely no dark circles its magic i think they are making a cream for women or have already but i havent seen that its only usd 10 and it lasts forever and theres no smell and theres no difference between that product and a womens product besides the blue packaging, but its a great product, and really works, Nivea is actually the same company that makes LA PRARIE PARIS and those products are extremely high end, so im not surprized nivea is a good drugstore brand. I wish they would make more products then they do.