Saturday 28 April 2012


Hello Dolls I know I have probably shown all of my blushes in different haul and tutorials but since I have done other collection post I wanted to do one for my blushes. I Love blush but I really don't have that many as i always end up picking up other things instead for some reason?. I didn't include a few cream sticks, bronzers and highlighters in this post as it would be way too long. 
VASANTI-Rockies, PUR-Pink Marble, SMASHBOX-Radiance, STILA-Coral & CARGO-Mallorca

DREAM BOUNCE-70 Hot Tamale, 30 Candy Coral, 10 Pink Frosting, 60 Coffee Cake , 15 Rose Petal, 50 Plum Wine, PHYSICIAN FORMULA-Happy Booster Natural, HARD CANDY- 127 HoneyMoon & NYC-651 Riverside Rose

MAC-Breath of Plum, Dainty & Sunday Afternoon, NARS-Sin & Orgasm

 BENEFIT-Coralista, Bella Bamba, Hervana & Dandelion

BENEFIT-Posey Tint & ChaCha Tint, Home made Cream Blush

So There you have my current collection of blushes. I truly get use out of every one depending on the look I'm going for, where I'm going and my mood:)

Sara xo


  1. You have a great collection!

  2. Love reading collection posts! I see you like pink blushes, I love Mac Dainty!

  3. Love the blog, thanks for following mine! Looking for a new blush at the moment, and this really helped me, especially with the benefit blushes x

  4. Wow I am incredibly jealous of your amazing collection! X

  5. Holy cow girl! Look at all those blushes!!! Absolutely loving the Smashbox Radiance...think I might have to go grab it because of your awesome post!

  6. If your not afraid of a bright blush its gorgeous & a fave of mine. Other then going out at night/weekend I always do a neutral eye so I love a pop of colour on my cheeks or lips:)

  7. Thanks Beauties. Its so hard trying to save and not buy every gorgeous blush I see right now xx