Monday 14 May 2012

HIGHLIGHTERS So Sorry I Neglect you:(

Hello Beauties, I wanted to chat a bit about the one product(s) in my make-up collection that I neglect the most..HIGHLIGHTERS / ILLUMINATORS. I think put in the right spot like cheek bones & brow bone etc they give such a beautiful glow to the skin but I hardly ever pull them out to apply them. I really should:)

 BENEFIT Whatt's UP- Gorgeous Champagne

 MAC MSF Lightscape- The swatch doesn't show the beauty of this product. Light champagne in colour with pink & blue marbling

 GOSH Liquid Highlighter- A very pretty pearl colour but I find this product very greasy feeling:(

 NYC Individual Eyes 943 Smokey Greens- The Illuminator in this set is really nice. Too white/pearl to apply to cheeks and brow bone but done lightly looks awesome in the inner eye corner!

Is there any products that you Neglect in your make-up collection/Bag?

Sara xo


  1. I'm guilty of neglecting highlighters too. I have watts up and I love it but I just forget about it. I did wear it over the weekend tho and got lots of compliments, guess I should remember it more! lol

  2. Thats what happens when you have too much make ME! I forget alot of my make up items and then once I see them I start using them non stop forgeting the others..vicious cycle! lol

  3. i love highlighters! especially mac ones and benefit high beam!

    i don't neglect a product, i neglect a tool...eyelash curler...

  4. oh I could never forget my eyelash curler. I cant see with out my glasses and I need to curl my lashes or they rub on my glasses with every blink..Drives me CRAZY:)

  5. i would have to say highlights too! i love them dearly but sometimes i just forget to take the time to do it

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

  6. Thanks for the follow doll, your blog is great..I'm now following you too:)