Wednesday 20 June 2012

A Random Facts Morning:)

Hello Lovelies this morning I'm taking a short break from Beauty blogging to right another random Sara get to know me post. Don't worry something beauty related will be up tonight:)

* I eat Raisin Bran every night
* I hate wrinkly bath fingers- seriously disturbs me (but love baths)
* I wont get professional fake nails cause I'm terrified 
  the clippers with chop off the tips of my fingers
* I have to buy kids hats to fit my head
* I can cook but can't bake at all
* I have always wanted to learn other languages 
(I speak some french)
* I only learnt how to use a computer about 6 years ago
* I'm a fish and used to water ski & wake board
* Chocolate burns my throat but its so yummy
* I love Giraffes (I'm jealous of their long eye lashes)
* I watch teletoon at night every night before bed and find America Dad hilarious 

OK so those are some really strange facts about me but maybe you got to see the girl behind the blog a tiny bit better. :)

Sara xo