Friday 22 June 2012


Hi again lovelies, I bought Essie Lilacism from Shoppers Drugmart a while back knowing it was on my Essie to buy list so I didn't look at to too carefully just brought it home and tucked it away in my collection. Then after pulling it out to swatch it for my Collection post I thought it didn't look quite right..I brought my bottle of Lilacism by one of my Favourite places to buy polish (Trade Secrets near my home, the staff there are awesome) and guess what the colour I originally bought is not even close. I picked up a bottle of Lilacism from Trade Secrets to compare for you beauties.
Left- Trade Secrets & Right - Shoppers Drugmart
I checked out every blue Essie swatch I could find including on there Website thinking maybe it was another polish miss labelled but couldn't find it anywhere so I guess its one of a kind and I think that's pretty cool:)

Has this ever happened to you?

Sara xo


  1. That's so odd, this has never happened to me! Is it definitely an Essie polish - same formula, consistency etc.?


  2. that sucks but they are to amazing color actually they are great for summer or easter. I'm so boring these :P

  3. I've just only seen the Lilacism in the more purple shade!! They both looks really cute but that's really weird I don't think they've do that on purpose, what do you think?

  4. I don't buy Essie, so I would not know. The colors are really pretty. Maybe it's so pretty that it sold out in a flash?

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  5. Wow I have never had that happen before... at least they are both pretty colours :)


  6. That is EXACTLY how my Lilacism looks... = the blue one!!?!
    I went to Ulta few months ago and had seen lilacism online. Many many swatches. So when i picked it up and read the name.. I was like " this label has been switched" but the lady at ulta said she dont know why, but has seen it come that way right off delivery truck a few times. That a couple other colors have come different too..??..
    I was dissapointed. Along w confused. But bought the blue one anyhow cause my boyfriend liked the color. Lol.
    Though, nothing lilac about it. Myb the ever so slightest hint of lilac color. Idk. Or just me searching. :D