Sunday 22 July 2012

REVLON Beyond Natural Skin Matching Foundation

Hey dolls hope you had a great weekend. I have a collection of new foundations to test out and will be sharing my thoughts on each with you beauties after a week or two of use. I'm sure if this isn't your first time visiting you know I'm a big fan of TM & BB Creams but I'm trying to find a replacement for my Nars Sheer Glow for days when I want more coverage. Tonight's review is on ..
REVLON Beyond Natural - Skin Matching Foundation in Light/Medium 
I was interested yet sceptical about trying this self adjusting product thinking it wont end up a neutral enough colour which is the problem I always have with foundations. My skin has a slight yellow undertone and I find things are either to pink or yellow for me. This foundation starts out white and as you blend it in starts turning into a flesh tone shade which ended up matching me perfectly.
The Beyond Natural Primer came as a Bonus
COLOUR MATCH - The light Medium Matched perfect after blending it in and didn't even leave a noticeable spot on the back on my hand when I was testing it.

APPLICATION - Using this foundation feels like I'm rubbing in a BB Cream. It has the same consistency and about the same coverage. 

COVERAGE -Which I felt better then a TM but less then most foundations with 1 Layer. You can definitely build up as I did with a second application under my eyes and around my nose, but it still looked totally natural.

STAYING POWER - Just like I find with other foundations they fade off through out the day. This one lasted about 6 hrs on me before I started looking tired under my eyes and red around the sides of my nose.
Another poop picture but I wanted to show the foundation on with no concealer
I give this Foundation an A after my first week of use. I like the fact I can dot it on my face like I normally would and start blending in with out it drying or going funny in patches. Covers like mixing a BB cream with a few drops of Foundation which is enough coverage for me. Isn't a great lasting foundation but I don't need it to be really. I only have a few hours a day while my kids are at camp where I'm out and about but at home I go make-up free. I would buy this again but I want to test out my other lrg samples first.

sara xo


  1. Beautiful! Love how it actually turned to the right colour! I am always skeptical on those products that self adjust

  2. defiantly trying this looks amazing, I think Id use a different primer specially how they tend to break me out

  3. defiantly will be trying this, it maybe be a little dark for my skin...? Also I dont' think i can use the primer seeing that they don't like my skin.

  4. Oh wow this looks wonderful on your skin! Wonderful review!

  5. I've used this product ages ago, I remember really liking it! I have rarely been disappointed with Revlon xx

  6. great review! it really looks great.. I've been looking for a new foundation to try.
    xo dana

  7. I was actually looking into to getting this, but the shades look too pink for me. It looks good on you though. :)