Monday 30 July 2012

TAG Dirty Little Secrets

Hey dolls I was Tagged by the beautiful Betzy's Makeup and since I haven't done one in quite a while I thought I would do this fun Tag. Thanks for tagging me gorgeous:)
Check out her lovely blog here here
1. What TV/Film do you secretly watch?
I love the show Awkward which may be a bit strange since its  about high school but I was a very unique/awkward girl back then and can really relate.

2. What song do you secretly know all the words to?
Hmmm I know all the words to every song in the Movie Labyrinth it was my fave film as a kid and I'm a big Bowie fan.

3. Who is a non-famous person you would secretly love to meet?
                               (blogger/YouTube related)
It would be wonderful to meet Dana from wonder Forest. I love her blog it's absolutely beautiful, she seems like such a lovely person with an amazing sense of style.

4. What is your worst beauty habit?
I do shop A LOT but by worst beauty habit has to be my nails. Yes I paint them but rarely give myself a proper manicure so my cuticles look horrid.

5. What is the most expensive item you own?
            (do you regret buying it)
Many of my shoes are expensive but give me such bad blisters I never wear them. 

6. What is your biggest pet peeve?
I have many but I guess its people with no manners. I hold the door open, move on the bus for old people, smile and say hello to people as I pass them and not many people I come across are like that these days.

7. What do you secretly love the smell of?
Pine sol I wash my floors and counters even when its not necessary just for the smell in my home.

8. What are you secretly lusting after?
Can't think of any specific item off the top of my head but anything beauty related:)

I Tag 
and anyone else that would like to do this Tag:)

What are your Dirty Little Secrets?

Sara xo


  1. Am so glad you did the post

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog and for following! I love your blog and am so glad that I found you too!!! I'm also a stay at home mom, so it is always great to meet bloggers who have little monkeys running too like I do!!! By the way, I guess you must be around my age because as a kid, Labyrinth was one of my favorite movies too!!! I was obsessed with Jennifer Connelly in that movie and I was always singing the songs to that movie! Glad to follow your blog as well and keep in touch! xx Pip

  3. Thanks for tagging me! will definitely do this one! xx

  4. I love Labyrinth! Definitely a favourite of mine too. I am exactly the same with my nails too, I love to polish but I hate doing a full mani, someone else can but I personally can't be bothered! Also, I agree with your pet peeve too!

  5. I'm exactly the same with manners! The worst thing ever is when you smile at someone and they just stare like you're a freak! xxxx