Sunday 12 August 2012

Benefit Dr. Feelgood Complexion Balm

 Hey Dolls today I wanted to share my thoughts on the Benefits Dr. Feelgood complexion balm after wearing it all day yesterday. Getting this product to work for me did take some trial and error but once I figured it out I really liked the result..Here are my thoughts.
Benefit says - This invisible refiner blended with Vitamin C helps to smooth away fine lines leaving skin feeling and looking more silky, flawless and Matte to the touch. 

How to Use - Pat and smooth over make-up with its accompanying sponge or, simply wear alone

I Say - It did not work over my make-up at all, just spread my foundation around and made it patchy. I removed the balm & foundation and tried applying the balm first like a base then my foundation and concealer. This way worked out fabulous. Not only did my foundation go on smooth and even and last all day with out powder but my skin didn't look flat matte like I thought it would it left my skin with a soft glow not shiny or oily at all. 

Verdict - Another win from Benefit. Love the way it makes my skin look and feel but I will have to wait and see what it does for my skin the rest of the year when its extremely dry. 

Sara xo
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  1. Great post, I have a sample of this and didn't really know how to use it. Will be giving it as go now :-) x

  2. Thanks doll. Hope it works out for you like it did for me:)
    Sara xx

  3. glad you enjoy it! I've never really known exactly what is was- do you consider it a primer then?

  4. So strange how they tell you to put it OVER makeup when it works best UNDER as a base/primer. But glad you found a way to make it work and benefit you! :) I should try this one day also.

  5. I heard so much about it...weird you supposed to put it over the makeup, i can imagine it just ends up in a mess...i would use it under makeup too ;)
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  6. I finally found your blog! lol I tried Dr. Feelgood but it doesn't really feel good on my skin, makes my pores clogged so I get that yucky feeling right around my nose. :(

  7. Glad you found it:) I havent had that problem but my skin has been acting up the last few days, not sure if its this product or from stress..guess I'll wait and see:)

  8. Ooh i forgot about this - must find mine and have a go again