Saturday 4 August 2012


Hi Dolls What products/items make you feel complete? Tonight I'm talking about items that have been in my life for a long time now and I couldn't be with out. I just wouldn't feel like me.

SCARVES - I wear scarves pretty much every day in Fall right through Spring and have an addiction to scarf shopping.

MAKE-UP - Concealer for my insomniac induced under eye circles
                     Waterproof Mascara for my light sensitive eyes
                     Brow kit for my naturally patchy eye brows
                     Lip Balms cause lipstick on dry lips isn't pretty
                     Blush to Brighten my face
                     Black Liner..since I wear black winged liner at least 5   
                    days a week:)

GLASSES - You may not see me wearing them much in blog photos but I have to wear them in real life if I want to see where I'm going!!

WHITE CANVAS RUNNERS - My beloved Keds & Converse sneeks, staples in my wardrobe. I even wear them with dresses:)

LEGGINGS - These leggings from Smart Set are the BEST. They are made from thicker dress pant material, very structured and I wear one of my 5 pairs at least a few times a week (when its cool enough because they are really warm)

BROWN BELT - This is the only belt I own and wear it with pretty much everything. I bought it at AE in grade 8 and I'm 30..still looks great to me.
Sara xo
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  2. Oh I'm loving that belt!!

    xo, Jersey Girl

  3. You are so right. Some products just complete us. I wear scarves all the time in cold weather too.
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