Thursday 9 August 2012

Last Nights FOREVER 21 Order:)

Hi Dolls, Last night I made an order on Forever 21 and wanted to show you the pieces I chose. I put a lot of items in my shopping bag then took a long time narrowing my list down and deciding what to actually order. These are the the items I went with in the end.
I really like Forever 21 but sometimes the items are different then what I thought they would be so when everything arrives I will probably do a haul post and let you know what I think of these pieces. 

Sara xo
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  1. I love everything you've picked out! I miss living near a Forever 21! :(

  2. You got some gorgeous stuff! I love that maxi skirt!

  3. I'm obsessing over heels at the moment and I love the ones you choose! The pink dress is beautiful too :-)

  4. I always do that with online shopping, just throw a bunch of things in my cart and decide what I really want later. I think that's the way to go! I really like the colorblocked top. great picks!

  5. I'm here following back! i Looove forever 21, but you need patience to find just what you want Lol... good choices!

  6. I love the dress and shoes! :-)

    Forever21 is one of my new favourite stores and I got the cutest gym gear from there last month!