Thursday 30 August 2012

My Fall Essentials (Shopping List)

Hey dolls Wanted to do a quick post showing my Fall Wish/Shopping List this year. Every thing you see below are staples in my wardrobe that I buy each year just changing the colours, patterns and material depending on what I like that year:)

 Leggings - Huge staple in my Fall wardrobe. Love finding ones with great detail and patterns
Shoes - I buy a pair of boots each year and although I still love my brown lace up Steve Maddens from last year, I have fallen in love with these ones (also Steve Maddens) and I live in my Moccasins.
Tops - Loose knit Sweaters are always on my shopping list for Fall/Winter and this year I'm loving Jean Shirts and fun T's.
Jackets - I live in Ontario Canada so Jackets are definitely needed..I like switching mine up. I have my eyes on jackets by Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply. 

What are your Fall Clothes/Accessory Essentials??

Sara xo


  1. I see a lot of casual and chic stuff - good choices. I'd totally go for a pair of sexy leggings.
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  2. love the black boots, they rock!

  3. Oh my gosh, those boots! I always buy a pair of boots around this time of year too, and weirdly, a satchel. I've bought satchels the last 3 years running and I don't even USE satchels... Ooh and scarves! Love scarves. :)