Sunday 19 August 2012

My Favourite Hair Styling Tools

Hi Dolls, I as well as many of my family & friends think shorter hair suits me much better and I'm still happy with my choice of cutting my hair a few months back but it sure does require so much more work then long hair. With longer hair if your having a bad hair day you can throw it up..short hair you have to style, well I do since my hair is naturally wavy in a wacky frizzed out way lol. These are the styling tools that I love, they make my life so much easier:)

Conair Hair Designer Triple Action Styling System
I love this wet/dry styling tool. I just comb it through sections of my damp towel dried hair and it acts as my blow dryer & straightener. It has Tourmaline Ceramic & Ionic technology which keeps frizz controlled and my hair shiny.

BaByliss Pro Hot Roller Set
Any time I want to add some wave/curl back into my hair after the frizz is gone I use these hot rollers. They heat up in seconds are super easy to use and actually make my hair curl very quickly which is hard for my hair to do. I love using the large rollers to get some volume on top then lightly brushing my hair through so I'm left with a bit of lift at the roots. Sorry forgot to take a pic of the clips!
What are your favourite hair styling tools??

Sara xo
I choose this months (Revlon) Give-Away Winner later tonight:)


  1. I have always wondered if the heated brushes are any good. First time I have seen it reviewed so thanks.

    Much Love: If you fancy a nosey. xx

  2. I so very much want the Pro hot curler set...can't seem to find these easily anymore... and the options are just not exactly right...but as always Babyliss to track it down, and get it South Africa!?! gets rather pricey then. But a gal's gotta have what a gal's gotta have!