Tuesday 25 September 2012

Clarins 3 Dot Liner Review

Hey dolls as you may have seen on my Twitter today I went out and bought a few of the Clarins 3 dot Liners, one for me and one to include in Decembers big Give-away!!. Before I get to the review let me say I was only able to get 2 because they happen to be in the wrong drawer, I was told a lady came in and bought the whole lot. OK on to the review:)
Dotted on the top lash line - No Mascara
Dotted on the top lash line - with mascara
Used as regular liner on top lash line and Dotted below lower lashes - no mascara
Used as regular liner above top lashes & Dotted under bottom lashes - with mascara
Doesn't bleed when applied to eye area by hand was being difficult

* This Liner is amazingly Pigmented. 
* With serious staying power as you can see by the bottom photo  which shows the liner after I wiped it a few times with a make-up wipe (came off with waterproof eye-make-up remover easily).
* Has been on for 8 hrs now and has yet to fade of smudge.
* I found it difficult to get the dots right along the top lash line with practise it should be fine. Great to use as a regular liner. 
* Dotting under the bottom lashes was easy and I love the look it gave. In real life it reminds me of doll eyes.
* $28 Canadian

Let me say I give this an A+ I'm totally smitten with this Liner

Sara xo
If you have any questions about this liner that I forgot to answer please just ask:)


  1. I'm so glad to see your post on this!!! I saw it in a magazine many months ago...went into a few stores to find it, but it hadn't come out yet and I'd forgotten all about it since then. Thanks for the review - it's so helpful to see the product in action!!

  2. Great review! This looks very interesting. I really want to try this out. Too Faced has a similar liner as well but I haven't tried that one either.

  3. Such a well written review. You have explained everything so properly with the help of pictures. Do visit and subscribe to my blog at pradnya015.blogspot.com

  4. Bourjois have just come out with a much cheaper alternative, if they sell where you live! :) xo

  5. Saw this when it came in to the Clarins counter at work and was so intrigued! Looks amazing on your eyes, might have to try one out at some point!

  6. Im not sure if we have the Bourjois one yet or not but Bourjois is very expensive here. Healthy mix is $27:(
    Sara xx

  7. Thank you for posting, definitely going to be getting this it looks amazing! xxx