Tuesday 18 September 2012

Curly Hair Help

Hairstylists or any of you Beauties that like curling your hair I need your advice..Please:). As a kid I had curly hair and of course hated it but as I got older and had my babies my hair texture changed from curly to just thick, slightly wavy and quite frizzy. I straighten it everyday but would love to wear it wavy or curly (minus the frizz lol) the problem, my hair wont hold a curl. Ive tried curling irons, hot rollers and even foam rollers over night but with in a few hours there is hardly a bend left in my hair. Do any of you have some advice on good products to use to keep it looking good longer. I would love to be able to wear my hair like this out on a night out soon:)
Done with hot rollers around 2pm and barely wavy by 5pm. I just used hairspray .

Thanks Dolls:)

Sara xo


  1. Your hair looks lovely! I have no idea what products for you to use because I have really straight hair...I'd definitely use lots of hairspray though!

    Sophie x

  2. I have exactly the same problem, except my hair is really long so the curls last all of about an hour and then it's heat damaged waves no matter how much heat protection spray or hairspray I use! I'm interested to hear what others have to say about this so we can both fix our curly hair problem!



  3. I don't know but once you find out drop me a line because my hair won't hold a curl if it's life depended on it!!


  4. I had the same problem! Whenever I curl it I first put mouse through it when its wet, then dry it. I curl it using my straighning irons and after each bit has been curl I spritz it with gel spray rather than hairspray. Once its all curly I use a smoothing cream or serum and run this through the hair separating the curls and finally spritz it again.

    It is a lot of product but certainly keeps the curl in all day, hope this helps xx


  5. Pretty. Wish my hair curled as well as yours did. Mine just fall flat.

  6. I have slightly similar hair but mine is really fine. I have been using Lush's Big! shampoo and the sea salt in it really makes my hair curlier, so it makes it so much easier to keep my curls throughout the day. Maybe your hair products are too heavy for your hair?

  7. oh thanks doll. Never thought about the product or build-up already in my hair. I really need to try some Lush products:)