Tuesday 16 October 2012

Of Course I added Sparkle..Its Me

Hi Dolls I'm working on a Favourite Hair Products Post right now which will be up later tonight or in the AM in the meantime I painted my nails and wanted to share. I used one of the polishes from my October Julep box, a shade I would choose in the summer, I thought its pretty so why not:)

Julep /Sasha - A gorgeous Coral shade in person but no matter what lighting I used it came out pink..which I like too so its cool:)

OPI /The Living Daylights - Started off adding sparkle with this one but I wasn't getting enough without adding 5 more coats. So I added..

Essie /Set in Stones - Just to add a little more sparkle:)
Sara xo


  1. Sasha looks like a lovely shade!


  2. I love this colour! Especially the accent nail :)