Thursday 29 November 2012

Adore the product - Hate the packaging

Hey Dolls. Tonight I'm talking about products I love but don't reach for as often as I would like because the packaging sucks. I might be  the only one that has a problem with them ...they drive me nuts. Maybe its my OCD :)

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer
I think this is a great product but it leaks into the lid and the tube makes it hard to store cap side up. I have lean it against the side of my foundation bin.

Benefit Sun Beam
Gives a gorgeous glow but its so thick that when you wipe the excess off before you apply it doesn't go back in the bottle, just sits on top and makes a mess.

Nail Polish Bottles
This is a complaint for all polish bottles that come apart. Many of my Essie nail polishes have been doing this lately. I think its because I own so many from this brand.

Cream Eye Products
Im a big fan of Cream Shadows esp Maybelline Color Tattoos but they dry out so fast no matter how I store them. I know they can be fixed by warming them but my lazy side thinks that's a pain.

MAC MSF Powder
Great powder but I have had 2 now that the packaging have fallen apart. Ok not a big deal but it annoys me.

So by this point you may think I'm a tad bit crazy lol:)

Sara xo
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  1. Things like this drive me nuts too. The same thing has happened to my MAC MSFs & Essie polishes. Laura Mercier now has the tinted moisturiser in a cream compact, maybe that would be easier to use?

  2. Thanks for letting me know. I had no idea..definitely checking it out:) x

  3. It drives me mad when nail polish does that too, if mine do that I put a little blob of superglue on the top and pop the lid back on, then the inside doesn't fall out again x

  4. All of those things annoy me as well. The Benefit packaging as a whole I don't like. I own the Hervana Blush and the box design easily gets damaged and difficult to actually get the blush on my brush!