Thursday 22 November 2012

MAC Craving :)

Hey there Lovelies, I have many new (to me) products to talk about so tonight I'm starting off with a new lipstick I picked up the other day. I actually got two lipsticks from MAC in the last few days and wrote up reviews for both but decided I would share this one first because it's not talked about as much. 

Craving - Amplified Finish 
Like Matte Lipsticks Amplified finish can be harder to feel comfortable wearing since its not just a wash of color like the luster finish. MAC Amplified finish creates a solid and usually a bold lip. On to Craving. The other day I was back at MAC shopping for some one else and like always I checked out the lipstick. I swatched quite a few and after narrowing it down to 2 I went with this one. Its not the usual bold lip I go for like Ruby Woo or Up the Amp but its noticeable and I think very pretty. Described as a burst of plum by MAC, I don't find it plumy at all well not on me. It takes on a soft pink with a (burnt) orange undertone which may not be every ones cup of tea, I love it:)
What do you think of this shade? 

Sara xo
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  1. this is such a beautiful lipstick, and it looks so nice on you :')
    yazmine x

  2. I have been wanting this shade for awhile now. It looks really pretty on you.

  3. It's lovely! It looks gorgeous on you :)