Sunday 18 November 2012

My First IMATS

Hello Lovelies, I'm putting up 2 posts tonight both of which are about my first IMATS experience and a IMATS/Toronto Haul. Ok so on to my IMATS experience. It wasn't a great one. Me and my friend Katie started getting ready at 6 am after a night of barely any sleep and we were out the door by 7. We arrived and my friend started to feel sick and spent the better part of our wait to get in not feeling well while I waited in line. When we finally got in they had some great brands but it was so busy at the good tables you had to fight your way through and when you finally got to the front of the table it was so crowded I just grabbed what was on my list, paid and got out of there. Even waiting in line to pay my anxiety was going insane. We were done our shopping within an hour of getting there and started our Journey from far out (to me it felt like the middle of no where) to Eaton Center in town. An interesting trip it was lol. Well after a lot of asking , 2 buses and a subway ride later (loved the subway) we finally got to the mall. The Eaton Center had some good stores including a MAC store (we only have a counter here) but the new Sephora wasn't opening till Tuesday and after walking around for an hour inside and out of the mall in every direction we gave up on finding LUSH and took the train home.  

Here are just a few pictures I took. I was trying to keep peoples faces out so they would get mad lol.
Went comfy in a Tank Top, Leggings and my white Converse runners:)
I love these Giant Reindeer they had as holiday decorations in side the Mall
My lunch so unhealthy compared to Katie's fruit below lol but amazing. I wish we had the same
 Market restaurant were I live
I will be putting up a small haul right after this post showing what I ended up getting, check it out if you want to see:)

Sara x


  1. Hahahah we had so much fun though!!!!! If you want to know what I got on this day with Sara go to my blog and find out.


  2. I feel like I would've been so overwhelmed by the amount of people there. I went to a MAC sale once and could barely handle it! The deals are nice but sometimes it's not worth trading your sanity!

  3. wow!! wish i could attend one of these IMATS... sadly it does not take place in my country :(((

  4. wow!! wish i could attend one of these IMATS... sadly it does not take place in my country :(((