Saturday 8 December 2012


Hi Lovelies, I was in need of a new waterproof mascara so while out and about with my monkeys today I stopped in to Shoppers and picked a new one up. Let me say they had so many new products on display but I was good and only got the mascara (for now).

Maybelline the Rocket Volum' Express Mascara
I am guessing this one could be the exact same as the other Volum' Express Mascaras by Maybelline I really don't know since its been such a long time since I owned one. I have only used it once so for now I will say its more of a like then love. I got a good amount of volume yet still natural look with 1 coat. The second coat did make my lashes clumpy on the outer corners but a brush through with a spooly and they looked pretty good. I'm not the biggest fan of the brush it self because of the kinda fat flat bristless end which makes getting to the long corner lashes a bit tricky. All in all it made my lashes look great with a little effort but I think I will try a new one when this one is done:)

2 coats and 1 pass through with a clean spooly/wand. Might seem like an extra step but I do it most days anyways. I quite like the end result
Sara xo
Now back onto my American Horror Story had I not seen this show before, it's fabulous:)


  1. I picked up a different Rimmel mascara last week, in the orange tube, not crazy about it but it's decent!
    I love American horror story, the first season was amazing, second season is good but kind of weird so far

  2. I saw this today at Shoppers and was tempted by the pretty tube but I'm glad I didn't get it if it's not amazing. Isn't American Horror Story so good? I'm going to start watching the second season soon.

  3. This mascara looks interesting. I haven't heard of it.. but I really like Maybelline Mascaras, so I might have to check it out!

  4. I was looking at this mascara today, great review! Kinda glad I didn't get it..

  5. The wond looks a bit weird, wow, I've never seen it before!
    Great review! x

  6. It looks like Maybelline's classic mascaras - from my experience fancy brushes are not working!