Tuesday 22 January 2013

Get To Know Me Better

Hi Loves. Here is another Get To Know Me post. I was trying to write 50 things you may not know about me but drew a blank at 30.   Some are silly and some are very personal.

1. I moved out on my own just before my 15 birthday
2. The Lennyn in my blog name is for some one very special who is no longer with me.
3. I just let my Beginners Licence expire because driving scares me to death
4. I have an beautiful 11 year old daughter who lives with my mom right across the street from me. Long story short my son spent most of his first years in the hospital and I wouldn't leave his side.
5.I have to mix all my food together on my plate before I eat.
6. Turtlenecks make me feel like I'm choking
7. I'm so afraid of birds I have started hyperventilating in pet stores 
8. I spray eucalyptus room spray on my bed every night, it relaxes me.
9. Unrealistic Horror films don't scare me but ones I think could really happen give me nightmares for months like Hostel.
10. I dropped out of High School at 15 but eventually got my diploma and went on to college and got a degree in business
11. Although I have had a few, getting piercings freaks me out. I have fainted.
12. My Autistic son Jack makes me feel stupid some times, actually a lot of the time. He was reading and doing double digit math at 4, speaks Gaelic & French, Spanish, Japanese and memorizes everything he sees like maps.
13. Relationships are not for me. I'm rarely happy in them.
14. If I have a craving for a certain meal and make it I will eat it for lunch & dinner for days.
15. Getting my hair trimmed/cut gives me such bad anxiety I only do it every 6 months
16. I thought Twitter was stupid and now I use it more then Facebook
17. I eat toothpaste 
18. I pick at everything and even tried to pick my birth marks out when I was little (horrible I know)
19. I don't own a stereo/radio but I do own a record player. 
20. My mom taught me how to crochet when I was small but I suck at it.
21. I cant bake to save my life
22. I still play regular Nintendo & Game Boy
23. I wanted bigger boobs and went for a plastic surgery consultation once but since then have come to like my chest size.
24. I wear a lot of black and skull but love everything sparkly hence my nail polish all the time.
25. I went to a lot of raves as a teenager to be with my friends but hated all most all of the music and still do today.
26. I eat non stop. Thank god for fast metabolism.
27. I'm terrified of heights which is strange since I have gone bungee jumping, sky diving and mountain climbing/cliff diving.
28. I freakin love teen dramas like Awkward, Teen wolf & Vampire Diaries.
29. I cant blow dry my hair with a brush.
30. I'm so excited to start my next Tattoo a half sleeve. A vintage circus scene (think early 20th century poster) with a beautiful girl (pin-up-ish) hanging off the trapeze.

Sara xo


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  2. Im sorry doll I erased your msg by accident:(. It was so sweet of you to say. Thanks lovely xxxx

  3. Copied from my email.
    I've loved getting to know you more! You've put in things people would never know and I so endeared by your honesty. I'm so scared of heights and I hate horror films for that exact reason. I'm, also, so impressed how well you did with get a degree. Much love :).
    Natalieroseanne.com xx

  4. This is such an awesome post. It's great to learn about bloggers. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a really nice post! I think this is a great idea! Leigh xx

  6. I'm a nosy so-and-so, so I loved this post ;) I also can not blow dry my hair with a brush :) xx