Saturday 5 January 2013

No Bleeding Lips - Secret Lip Liner Review

 Hey Loves here is review #2 from my recent shopping trip. No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner. I wear mostly loud lipstick shades like red, Fuchsia and Berry tones so color bleeding can be a problem. I have been eyeing this product the last few times I was at the drug store and decided this time to pick it up. 

Just line right outside your natural lip line and it stops lipsticks from bleeding. This product is clear matte so its not noticeable and easy to use.  I tried it last night with the 2 shades/products I have the most issues with 1. Glossy reds (MAC Brave Red) & Lip Butters (Darker Berry/Red Shades) and it worked beautifully with both. I applied my lipsticks right from the package without using a brush (still carefully) and my lip lined looked perfect and stayed that way. I totally think this product was worth the $14.99 I payed. 

Has anyone tried this one or even the one by Too Faced? Would love to know what you think:)

Sara xo


  1. I haven't tried it yet but I kinda want to :)

  2. This looks a lot like the Dior one...but a LOT cheaper probably!! I might have to have a little look out for this! Thanks for the review :)

  3. I haven't heard of this one before. I know The Body Shop do a similar type product that is good.

  4. Ohh that is interesting. I have never seen one like that before but I have just noticed the comment above saying The Body Shop so I will need to have a look.

    Much Love: If you fancy a look.