Sunday 3 February 2013

Kate ♥ Red Tubes of Awesomeness

Hey lovelies, You all know how much I like the Kate for Rimmel lipsticks and now I can finally get the matte ones in my local drugstores & Walmart:) I have bought a few more shades so I wanted to show you the ones I have so far (the displays sure are emptying fast). 

I love the formula of these red tubes of awesomeness. Creamy, smooth, pigmented with a matte finish. I actually like the red one in this collection better then my very loved MAC Ruby Woo which is hard and drying compared to the Kate Matte Lipsticks. 

Not so pale/light in person



Sorry Loves my camera died just  as I got to this one:(

They may not seem that matte on the pictures above but I think it was because of the lightening and the fact I kept putting lip balm on before each one:)

Sara xo
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  1. I love this formula!! I really want the darkest shade but it is sold out everywhere!

  2. ooo these look pretty
    SDM is having a BOGO sale tomorrow on lipsticks so i might have to pick some up

  3. Thanks for letting me know. I had no idea about the sale tmr:) x

  4. You have yourself a Kate collection going on! I love the 130 shade, so pretty! By the time I finally pick these up I will be SO behind. I still really want some!

  5. Love these, I have the pale pink and the formula is just beautiful

    I'm running a giveaway on my blog, i'd love if you checked it out! xo

  6. The lip colours look so different to the lip stick ~ Lip sticks are so tricky like that sometimes

  7. Oooh they are SO pretty!! I love all the shades!! I wish they were available where I am but unfortunately they are not ... so I'll just have to admire them from afar!

  8. I'm not a lipstick person but the first lighter shade looks really nice!! I found you on BBB and I'll be following. :)

  9. Hi! I got nr 111 , kiss of life, it's the perfect red lip colour and I love it so much! I think these lipsticks are great and I'd love to get more!


  10. Those are such gorgeous lip colors!! I love the packaging for the Rimmell as well.


  11. Im yet to try these I would like to though they look lovely!

  12. I have 101 n 110 x

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