Monday 25 March 2013

HARD CANDY 1,000 Lash Primer - Review

Back again with a product review lovelies. Tonight I'm going to share my thoughts on the HARD CANDY 1,000 Fiberized Lash Weave Primer. This is a product I've bought many times before so you already know I am fond of it here is why.

It may not be everyone's favorite look but I love my lashes to have a ton of volume (and length) and I have absolutely no problem sporting some spidery lashes. This products helps create fuller looking lashes with its white fiber base. By applying this as a primer with a coat of regular mascara on top its like apply 3 or more coats of regular mascara. I find the white is covered easy with just one coat of black mascara and also removes just like any other non water proof mascara. I paid $5.98 for this at Walmart where it also comes in black as well.

2 Coats of Regular Mascara ( Buxom Lash)
1 coat of 1,000 lash Primer with 1 coat of Buxom Lash mascara on top
Sara xo


  1. gorgeous!! You can really see the difference. I love lash primers!

  2. I love the fibre mascaras to add extra volume. I have Microfibres and I love how full it makes me lashes!

    Natalie Roseanne's Nails and Beauty Blog


  3. I need volume!! I may need to try this!!


  4. I love this stuff! This reminds me...I need to pick up another one! I love using it with Maybelline Illegal Length (I think its what its called). The combo is amazing!

  5. I didn't even know this existed! I need to buy this! I just had to throw out my maybelline XXL pro fiber mascara and my lashes are missing that extra umff!

  6. I didn't even know such a product existed! I must find this! xx

  7. I am a big fan of Hard Candy. It's too bad they are at Wal-Mart, because they displays are always a mess. This brand deserves better. The items are great.

    1. I agree with you. The new products had only been on display for maybe a few weeks and it was a mess. Half the packages were ripped open:(

  8. wow this looks good! I've never used a lash primer before but it's definitely something I want to try.