Monday 11 March 2013

My Spring Wardrobe Essentials

Hey there Loves. I've been going through all my Spring/Summer clothes over the last few days to see what I already have, want I need and what I can creatively re-invent with a few DIY projects. This post shows my wardrobe essentials I always have in my closet each (warm) season but in new patterns/colors I would love for this season. 

(things I have added in the past few weeks)

*Maxi Dresses & Skirts
*Worn looking denim Shorts (not too short)
*Fun Sneakers in Spring shades (I bought mint & peach Converse)
*Cute knit sweaters (I have the cat one - in person its a loose knit)
*Chunky heels & Wedges (I have 2 pairs of wedge sneakers)
*Hints of Leather
*A good tote bag to carry my books etc when I sit at the park/lake
*Sleeveless blouses

What are your essentials for Spring?
Sara xo


  1. Yes to everything!! Especially the maxi dresses!!


  2. The mint converse are such a gorgeous colour!! xx

  3. The cat sweater is so adorable!

  4. I love my longchamp bag! You don't have to worry about the snow or rain ruining the outside! It holds so much too!