Saturday 13 April 2013

HARD♥CANDY Glamoflauge

Hey Lovelies. I have two posts going up tonight and both are about under eye make-up. This one is a review  on Hard Candy Glamoflauge. It says heavy duty right on the packaging and it really is. Here are my thoughts on this product.

Price - $6.00
I found the price very good for the size of the product (0.71 oz) and the fact you need so little.

Colors - 3 shades to choose from fair, light & medium
I bought light because Im always fair/light in concealers but I could of gone for the medium shade

Formula - Thick cream
The very thick cream was hard to blend out before it set on my dry skin. I will try again soon applying under eye cream first.

Coverage & Staying power -
Like I said above a tiny dot goes a long way. It does a good job at covering under eye darkness. I wore it for 7 hours and it creased a tiny bit near the end but didn't fade away.

No Concealer
Hard Candy Glamoflauge (One layer)
My opinion of the Concealer is that it does have great coverage but quite hard to work with. Its thick and hard to blend out due to its dry texture and fast setting. Because of the covering power of this product I will keep trying different methods of applying it to try and get it to work better for me. Right now I give it a 3.5/5

Sara xo


  1. I think that does wonders for your eyes, although they really aren't that bad to begin with. It does look thick, but I think it looks worth playing around with because the coverage is so great and it is so cheap!!

  2. I agree, you don't have dark circles, I am a bit jealous - haha

    follow me too?

  3. You have no dark circles!

    I am starting to develop them

    1. Haha you guys are funny I have horrid dark circles that even people doing my make-up have commented on. I think its my lighting thats making them look better:) xx