Monday 15 April 2013

Whats Going On - New Blog & YouTube News

Hey there Lovelies. Just a little chatty post to let you know whats going on around here. If you saw what I wrote about blogging a few posts back you know I need a change and that's what I'm doing. I am working on setting up a second blog right now. A blog about my favorite make-up product:) I will still be posting reviews, tutorials and hauls on this Blog page. I will post the link to my new blog very soon. 

Second after years of being so afraid of what others thought I said what the hell and finally started posting videos on YouTube. Although I'm just getting my channel started and still learning I would absolutely love it if you Subscribed to my channel or at least stopped by to watch a video or 2. Either or both would mean the world to me:) -link below

lennyn82 (The Beautiful World of Lennyn B)

A new video on my Make-up Collection and Storage went up a few hours ago!!

Sara xo


  1. So proud of you for starting your YouTube channel!!


  2. Best of luck with the channel, will go subscribe now x