Thursday 9 May 2013

The Make-up I NEED in my collection.

Hello my Loves. There are certain make-up products I cant be without. Guess you could say the products I would need to re-purchase if my make-up disappeared. I tried to nail it down to 5 but 7 was the end number since I just couldn't let the last few product off this list. I would love to know yours:)

1. Light weight foundations - Evening out my skin with out looking too heavy. I like satin or dewy finishes on my usually dry skin.
2. Concealers/Corrector - I NEED to conceal my undereye circles.
3. Bronzing Powders - I skipped this step in my beauty routine for so long but now I always use bronzers. I love looking sun kissed.
4. Eyebrow helpers - Filling in my naturally patchy brows changes my whole face. I like using powders the most.
5. Mascaras - Mascara opens up your eyes. I look sleepy without it.
6. Neutral Eye Shadows - All I need is a light creamy shade (matte or shimmer) and a medium brown for the crease and Im all set. 
7. Stand out Lip Colors - Since I keep my eyes neutral I love a great pop of color on my lips. Whether that be a neon shade or a soft color in a shade you dont see every day like a beautiful lavender.

Sara xo


  1. These are great! I would need foundation, a blush, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, and a lip color =)

    Simple Charm Beauty

  2. Im still so desperate for the naked basics palette and Face and Body is probably the only make foundation I love, however i only use it on clients.

  3. Totally great staples!! I really want to try those Apocolips!

  4. This is very informative

  5. Great post! mine would probably be the same

    jess xx

  6. Fab post hunni :) Mine would definately be the same :) You recently commented on my Millie Mackintosh lashes post and said that they are not available where you live, if you wanted we could do a Beauty Swap? Email me at or tweet me @gemmabutton xxx