Wednesday 18 January 2012

Braving the Cold...Lotions & Scubs:)

My skin is dry year round but it does tend to get super dry, itchy, sensitive and flaky in the winter months. Here are the products I use to help smooth and soothe my face and body.


I start by using a gentle scrub to get rid of the dry flaky top layer of skin, for this i love using...DERMALOGICA  daily microfoliant: this white powder (rice based) when mixed with water makes a smooth paste you massage over your face. Its formula really doesn't have any grains or shells like other scrubs and you may think it wont do much but it definitely does and leaves my skin radiant
DERMALOGICA skin prep scrub: I switch back and forth between these products because of their high prices but I do love them equally. the skin prep scrub does have a grainy feeling unlike the first on I mentioned but its very gentle and does a wonderful job exfoliating.

Then after washing my face with my Marcelle or Vichy face washes I Hydrate my skin with my Vichy Nutrilogie 1 (intense cream for dry skin) either applying Benefits Moisture Prep first with a cotton ball or using Cliniques Moisture Surge after I moisturize to lock in hydration. All three are amazing products. Very moisturizing, great for sensitive skin like mine and are not greasy at all.


I pretty much use the same routine on my body just using products a little stronger. I start my shower routine by washing/exfoliating with DOVE's Go Fresh body wash in Energize grapefruit & lemon grass. Its very gentle and the smell really does wake me up. When I get out of the shower I slather on moisturizer. I use a great smelling lotion to the upper half of my body like ones from Bath & Body Works. Some of my faves are Vanilla bean Noel and Stress Relief Eucalyptus/Spearmint. Then I use Aveeno Baby daily lotion with oatmeal on my legs where i get patches of eczema. I also love using J.R. WATKINS Lemon Cream hand repair moisturizer..all I can say is Mmmmm:)

I have to mention my Clairisonic Mia is amazing too but I havent used it in a few months because I keep forgetting to pick up new pads for sensitive skin.

Hope these products and the others mentioned in this winter posts series shows you what great products are out there for all your winter skin needs.

Sara xo

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