Thursday 26 January 2012

Collective Haul:)

Over the past 3 weeks Ive picked up a few products here and there and I thought i would share them with you beauties today. 

Luxeffects-Shine of the times..gorgeous opalescence 
Art Deco..Beautiful summer coral
Lapiz of Luxury..described as an dreamy ocean blue
It's Genius..Dark Violet with fine gold shimmer
Step Right Up..very soft baby pink
2 quick coat swatches from left 2 right. Lapiz of luxury, Art Deco, luxeffects and It`s can see OPI`s step right up on my last nail tutorial post.

Benefit: Box Blush
Coralista..highly pigmented Coral blush. The perfume smell is a little strong for my liking but the colour is so pretty Ill put up with it.

Maybelline: Dreamy Bounce Blush
30 Candy Coral..bright orange coral
70 Hot Tamale..bright reddish pink
Swatches from left 2 right (1 swipe) Maybelline's Hot Tamale and Candy Coral, Benefit's Coralista.

My first impression of these squishy blushes is..they are the tiniest blushes I have ever owned and pretty pricey at $10.49 CAD but the absolutely beautiful colours are highly pigmented and blend easily. Its hard to describe the texture, in the container its like a piece of soft molding clay and when applied I found it was more like putting on a cream blush but finished like a powder yet stayed like a cheek stain. wow hope that made sense:) I only bought 2 to try but Im loving these amazing little blushes and will be collecting the rest before they sell out..Like some people and the Revlon Lip Butters:)

I also picked up a lot of essentials like make up sponges, razor, wax strips etc..but didnt think that would be exciting to show you:)

Hope you enjoyed my little Collective Haul Beauties

Sara XO

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