Tuesday 31 January 2012

How to Create/Press Eye Shadows:)

Today I wanted to show you beautiful people reading this post how I create and press my own eye shadows. This is a process that you may have seen many times before and maybe even the exact same way but if you didn't know how to press your own eye shadows now you will.

Start off by gathering the supplies you will need:
Eye shadows or Loose pigments
Rubbing Alcohol
Empty Eye Shadow Pans - I buy mine from Coastal scents
Dish or Tray to mix on - I use the Silver top from my B & BW candles
Eye Dropper
Mixing Tool - I like wooden Orange sticks used for manicures

STEP 1: Can be done in 2 different ways. If you have a loose pigment just pour a small amount the size of a nickle on to your tray or in the dish. If you have Solid Eye shadows you want to mix and re press all you need to do is take your mixing tool (orange stick) and scrape a chunk or shadow(s) out of there original pans onto your tray/dish.

STEP 2: this step is for when your using already solid Eye Shadows. Once you have Chunks of solid Shadow on your Tray/dish you will need to use your mixing tool to crush the Shadow..doesn't need to be as fine as a loose pigment but it shouldn't have any noticeable solid chunks.

STEP 3: Now pour a small amount of rubbing Alcohol into a small dish (I use an extra medicine cup that came with cough syrup or the lid of the rubbing alcohol)

STEP 4: Suck up some rubbing alcohol with your eye dropper and drop by drop place R. Alcohol on to the centre of your eye shadow or pigment pile.

STEP 5: Carefully mix the coloured powder and the R. Alcohol together with your mixing tool making a wet paste (adding more powder or rubbing alcohol as you mix)

STEP 6: At this time use your mixing tool to scrape the paste into a pile and again using your mixing tool pick up chunks of the paste and put them into your empty eye shadow pan until the pan is full.

letting it set before final pressing/smoothing
STEP 7: You can definitely use a tool of some sort for this step but I just use my fingers. I place my finger in the centre of the pan lightly slide your finger the the edge of tray smoothing the shadow out. repeat this until the eye shadow looks even in the pan then you can rub your finger over the surface lightly to smooth it out.

STEP 8: Leave the shadows to set for a few hours (when if feels almost solid and dry to the touch) you can place a cloth or a piece of plastic over the pan then press the shadow one last time with either a quarter or you thumbs.

STEP 9: Let the Pressed shadow set over night and your Finished:)

Empty magnetic Eye shadow palettes from Coastal Scents

Now this is just the way I press shadows if you have an easier or different way of doing this please dont hesitate to share lovelies.


  1. there is an easier way of this lol and with out bumps put a quarter and a heavy book they will be level like the stores

  2. the last picture of the eyeshadow wasnt the final pressing I just did this at 1am last night and didnt want to wait for it to dry more to press with a quarter and take more pics before writing this post..like I said after it dries a bit you press it with a quarter...I do find if you dont let it set some before this step it sticks to the plastic or quarter too much..

  3. i just raped the quarter in a tissue

  4. I will def try tissue next time. Everytime ive tried before it sets I used a plastic bag with a quarter on to then a book and when I lift it off half the shadow is stuck to the plastic..hence the waiting..thanks for the tip hun:)