Friday 20 January 2012

My Current Make-Up Collection & Storage

I spent the day going through all my Make-up & Nail Polish getting rid of every almost empty or every out of date product I owned. It was sad to see my collections cut in half but the upside is now there is more room to add to my collection..between all the gorgeous spring collections and my up coming trip to NY I'm sure I will be running out of room again soon:)

These are just pictures of how I currently store my make-up which is on a tall white wall cabinet. I would love an acrylic storage system but don't have a large enough surface to put it on. If you have any storage solutions please comment and let me know.

TOP SHELF- Is where I store my palettes which include some MAC, Stila, Vat Von D, Coastal Scents and Urban Decay among others. My brush Collection which includes Quo, Sigma, Lise Watier, Eco Tools, Clinique and E.L.F. Next to my brushes I keep my Lash Stashes from sephora and my Tarte eye lash Curlers.
(on top of this cabinet I keep my perfume collection)

SECOND SHELF- On the second shelf I keep my Primer collection for face, Lashes and eye lids from companies like Smash Box, Quo, Benefit, MAC and Urban Decay. In the same box (but separated) are the  eye liners and mascaras I use the most. They include Buxom, Dior, Benefit, Maybeline, MAC, Blinc, Falsies Flaired, Loreal, Annabelle, Laura Mercier, Sephora and probably more that have slipped my mind at the moment.
On the same shelf I keep my my face products, blushes and bronzer. These are mainly my higher end products like my Nars sheer Glow Foundation, Tinted moisturizers by Smash box and MAC. Concealers by MAC and benefit. Loose powder by Marcelle, MSF by MAC and finally in this basket are my blushes and bronzers from MAC, NARS, Clinique, PurMinerals and vasanti.
(between the 2 boxes I keep my Back 2 Mac Items and foundation/concealer samples)

THIRD SHELF- Here I keep my lip products. A few lipsticks by Rimmel, Clinique, Loreal, MAC and Estee Lauder. Lots of glosses including brands like Quo, Stila, Maybeline, Revlon, Gosh and Smashbox. Next is lip balms from EOS, Smith's, Carmex and Principessa.
Beside my Box of lip products I keep my collection of Bath & Body works lotions and body sprays.

BOTTOM SHELF- This is where I keep my Train Case which is packed with everything I don't use often, doesn't really match my skin tone at the moment and are mostly drug store brands. things like extra palettes, foundations, concealers, liners, jumbo pencils, mascaras, sponges and lip glosses/lipsticks.
Also on this shelf I keep make-up bags filled with my fake lashes & Glue, extra brushes and everything I use to press pigments.

My collection is tiny right now compared to some of my favorite beauty gurus and lots of you lovely people out there but that's ok with me..everything thing is with in the expirations time (like mascara 3 months etc..) and its all products I do use.
I hope you liked my Make-up collection Post and if you want to know what any of the products are or you have storage solution ideas for me please comment below.

Sara XO

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