Tuesday 7 February 2012


Hello Lovelies, I don't know about you but I hate winter chapped lips. Mine are horrible in the cold weather, they flake and even crack sometimes making wearing lipstick impossible and quite frankly unattractive. I wanted to show you beauties what I use to exfoliate my lips. Getting them soft, smooth and ready for valentines day:)


1. Vaseline
2. Honey
3. Sugar
4. Jar
5. Spoon
6. Tooth pick/Orange stick (to stir)

STEP 1-SUGAR: For your main ingredient fill your container half way with sugar. You can use white or brown sugar as they will exfoliate your lips the same way.

STEP 2-HONEY: Depending on your container size scoop honey into your container. I used about half a teaspoon for my Lip Scrub this time. The honey aids tissue healing and makes this scrub sweet and smell yummy:)

STEP 3-VASELINE: Now scoop in some Vaseline to use as a binding agent and effectively heal dry skin. I used half a teaspoon (equal parts Honey & Vaseline)

STEP 4-STIR: Take your Stir stick (I used an Orange stick) and stir up all your ingredients. Making sure the sugar is Incorporated well. The colour of the final mixture will depend on whether you use brown or white sugar & light or dark Honey.

Now you can exfoliate your lips with this yummy scrub. I use my finger and message this mixture in a circular motion on my lips for at least 1 minute. Then take a wet cloth and gently wipe it away. Leaving my lips soft and smooth:)

Ready for Valentine reds and pinks <3

*Other Great Lip Scrub Ingredients can include:
Instant Coffee
Olive Oil
Baking Soda
Peppermint Oil

Hope this easy DIY recipe helps your dry cracked lips:)

Sara XO


  1. super pomysł :))
    godsholidaygirl.blogspot.com :))

  2. I have been wanting to make my own sugary lip scrub for ages and i think this has just encouraged me to do so, lovely recipe!