Friday 3 February 2012

My 1st Attempt @ PROJECT PAN

Tonight I was watching Amerixe's January faves on which she talks about using up a lot of beauty products this month as well as make up and I thought (again) hmmm should I try to do a project pan. If you aren't familiar with this, Project Pan is when you set aside certain products to use up before you allow yourself to buy anything else whether that be make-up, face & body or hair care products. After putting some thought into it I decided I could definitely do this with hair and face/body products like face wash, lotion and shampoo etc but when it comes to make-up this would be a huge failure to me..Here is why. I have never ever hit pan on any make-up product in my life, except tinted Moisturizer & concealer which I dont think replacing these two items every few months would make for a very good Project Pan (but I do throw away items when hit their expiration dates). I love changing my look every day and because of the amount of make-up I own Its hard to use or I should say want to use the same items on a daily basis..there for really never hitting pan on anything before it expires. Would be a great feeling to use up some things before spending money on anything else. 

So here we Go...I am going to attempt to do Project Pan on my Face, body and hair products (not including make-up). An easy first attempt as these are all things i use on a daily basis, they are half way used up already and I replace them every few months anyways but I'm sticking to not buying another product in these same category until these bottles are empty. which will be crazy hard since I'm just as addicted to trying out new face & body beauty items as I am at buying make-up.

                            MY PROJECT 8 PAN
1. B & BW Stress Relief Cream (Eucalyptus/spearmint)
2. LANCOME Comforting Creamy Cleanser for Dry Skin
3. AVEENO Skin Brightening Daily Scrub
4. MARCELLE AC-Solutions Scrub
5. SEPHORA Waterproof Eye Make-up Remover
6. CLINIQUE Moisture Surge Extra
7. SEBASTIAN Shaper Hair Spray
8. BAPTISTE Coloured Dry Shampoo for Brunettes (even though my hair is bright red at the moment)

I will keep you updated on how well I stick to this and I will for sure do a haul on all the new goodies I get when I can finally replace these items..I may have to try out something(s) new.
Wish Me Luck Beauties:)

Sara XO

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