Tuesday 13 March 2012


Hey Dolls, I thought I would do a What's in my Bag post today while me and my son Jack wait for last nights rain to dry up so we can head to the park. Glad I decided to do this post today because going through my bag I realized I'm missing my sun glasses & a few cards including my Sephora points card (guess I will need to get another one..my third this yr:( ). Oh my bag isn't always this neat inside but I do empty receipts and junk out regularly..Hope you enjoy.

Face powder, blush, concealer, eye liner & Mascara, Lipstick, lip gloss  Mirror, hair elastic and powder brush.  Unless I'm going out and getting ready at a friends and I need certain make-up for my look I usually carry drug store brands for my day to day.

Hope you Beauties have an awesome day:)

Sara XO


  1. I'm so jealous of sephora lol I would be like a child in a sweet shop in there lol! x


  2. I feel the same way when people mention going to ULTA & CCO'S.."i found this discountinued, special edition product at my local cco" lol