Monday 16 April 2012

Easy Winged Liner - Using Tape

Hey Dolls I thought I would write something to get my mind off of certain things going on right now and since I've gotten a few request on how I use tape to aid me in doing my winged Liner. This is super easy and I find it does work best with cream/gel liners as liquid sometimes can bleed under the tape.
STEP 1: Place Tape at the angle you want. I do it following my bottom lash Line up.  Then Line your upper lash line as close to my lashes as possible
STEP 2:  Make a line over the tape (half on half over the tape)
STEP 3: Take your Liner brush and connect the end of your wing to the thickest part of the line you made at your lash line (sorry hard to explain)
STEP 4: Now fill in any gaps and even out lines until your happy and remove tape carefully
STEP 5: If the is any mistakes or edge isn't pointy enough I take a tiny bit of make up remover on a cotton pad and fold it in to a point then pressing right to the bottom edge of wing running it up slow and careful. I find this extends my liner into a great pointy edge
Super Easy Just remember if applied first you may need reapply concealer/foundation again as the tape may remove it and also to press the tape on the back of your hand before placing it under your eye so it doesn't pull your delicate skin when being removed.

Sara xo


  1. thanks for making this so simple. it' the one thing i cant get a hand on

  2. This is great! I can't wait to try it out.