Tuesday 17 April 2012

False Lash How To...My Way:)

Hey Dolls Hope your all well. Another How to Post today..well How I do it. This is how I apply false Lashes. I'm not very skilled when it comes to putting them on and this is the easiest way for me. Hope the pictures make sense it was hard to apply them and hold the camera at the right angle:)

Products Needed... Lashes, Glue, Some thing to put the glue on & Eye Liner Brush

After applying eye liner so you don't see any gaps between your natural lashes and the fake ones. Give lashes a curl and a coat or two of Mascara 
                    Squeeze a drop of Glue on the Cardboard
Get some Glue on the brush
Put a bead of Glue on either end of Lashes for extra hold
 Line lash line with glue close to your Lashes. I just follow the liner I had already applied. Don't worry if you can see it, it will dry clear or dark to match liner if your using Duo dark like I am. let dry (tacky) for 30 seconds.
glue is drying and getting tacky..half way there:) looks like its on my lashes but it isnt
I find it easiest to look down in a mirror when applying my Lashes but it was to hard to get a picture Sorry!!
 Looking down in the mirror Place the middle of lashes to the middle of your lash line
 Now I place the outer corner down and adjust if needed
 Do the same to Inner corner. By the time you get to this part lashes should be lined up perfectly.
 Last I gently take my lashes and eye lid between my fingers and very lightly pinch all across the lash line. I find this extra step really makes sure the lashes are secure and pressed as close to my natural lashes as possible.
Last (after glue dries completely) I touch up my Eye Liner if needed, give my lashes a curl and a last coat of mascara and I'm done. Which I didn't do for this post but you guys know what I'm saying :)... I really have no idea why this way works so well for me every time...maybe there is no glue right on the lashes getting stuck to your tweezers or fingers, what ever the reason it just Does:)

Sara xo


  1. False lashes always make my night a little more fun ;)

    Check our blog out!
    xx Julie xx

  2. very nice!!

    happy Friday


  3. Thanks for sharing. I've never tried false lashes before but they've always seemed difficult to put on. You make it look easy!