Thursday 7 June 2012

BRING IT ON 30:) Sharing Some Awesome News

Hello Beauties, just a quick post but I will have another beauty one up later today. Today is my 30th Birthday and I'm so excited to see what my 30s are going to bring my many exciting things already happening right now that I had to share a few with you all.

1. My Amazing Boy Friend & I are looking for a house right now and will be moving in together (with my monkeys of course) in the next few months. Can't wait for this long distance to end and finally have a backyard for my kids again. I said he could have his man cave if I get another make-up room:) We are moving to his city for his job so its a lot of changes for me & the kids but I can't wait:)

2. Now that I have my business degree from Mohawk College (graduated in April) I am going back to school there again and taking some cosmetic courses (certificates). There are many to choose from but I'm leaning towards Make-up Artistry Certificate which is 9 courses -7 compulsory and 2 electives + work placement. I was happy to see the campus in the city I'm moving to offers these courses full & part time. If you read my getting to know me posts you saw I wanted to work in the industry but was too scared..not 100% sure what I will be doing with it yet:)

OK so those are 2 things among many that I'm very excited for right now but as far my birthday plans I had a nice dinner with my family last night, having a movie night with my kids tonight and going to spend the weekend with my Boyfriend, his family and friends this weekend then home Sunday to spend some points at shoppers and do some shopping:)..busy busy lol. I will put some posts up before I leave tmr:)

Lots of Love Sara xo


  1. no your not a loud to move I'm putting my foot down :(

  2. Happy birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day and many more!


  4. Awesome news!! Happy Birthday Girl!!

  5. Happy belated birthday hun!! :-D Hope you had a lovely day!