Tuesday 5 June 2012

MY SKIN CARE ROUTINE (Morn/Night/Extras)

Hi Dolls, Although I don't really suffer from acne besides a spot or two when its that wonderful time of the month haha I do suffer from other issues like Eczema on my eye lids/in my brows, very dry skin, large pores on my nose and beside my nose and redness. I can say one thing no matter how sick, tired or even crashing last minute at a friends home I never sleep with my make-up on, I can see the difference in my skin the very next morning if I do..Here is my Skin care routine:)

* I remove my eye make-up with Bioderma or Sephora Eye Make-up Remover on a cotton  pad. 
* Next I use MINERAL FROM THE DEAD SEA Acne Clear Cleanser (AMAZING!!!) following the directions I message over my face then add water and work it into a light lather, then I rinse it off.
* Third I wipe NEOSTRATA Toning Lotion on a cotton pad over my face.
* I finish with LANCOME Genifique Youth Activator serum 

* I Use my AcneClear Cleanser the same way I use it at night.
* I do a swipe of Bioderma all over my face including my eye area in case I didn't get all my eye make-up off.
* I apply Elizabeth Arden Intense Moisture & Renewal Cream with SPF 30 (def buying the full size)

* Like I said above I suffer from dry skin and large pores so twice a week I exfoliate with Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub and once a week I use Biore Deep cleansing Pore Strips on my nose
Sara Xo


  1. ugh, I find that biore pore cleansing strips never actually work for me! it is so unsatisfying when I use them. You look absolutely gorgeous sans makeup, wow!

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  2. you look good without make up!!i love skincare routines posts!x

  3. If using MakeUp wasn't so much fun, i would recommend you not to use it. Pretty! Your eyes are amazing!

  4. Thanks beauties your too sweet. The only people that see me with out make-up are my BF & my kids..not sure why I feel so brave here:) xx

  5. You look lovely without make up...I'm so jealous!

    Sophie x

  6. You look so good even without any makeup on!! And I love the Biore strips..:)