Monday 2 July 2012

What Ive Learned In 6 Months (& losing followers)

Hey pretties, it was my 6 month blog birthday the other day so I wanted to share how I truelly feel about blogging over this time. I know this post will seem opposite to most posts like this on blogging does & don'ts but its just my opinion and although I already lost a GFC follower today and may lose more I will write what ever I feel like with out holding back. 
When i first started off blogging I didnt think anyone would read my blog. Not because I didnt think it was good more because I thought Im a single stay at home mom who is ever going to find or notice my blog. Slowly people have and it means the world to me. I may not be as well known as other bloggers at the 6 month point but for me going from 50 views/day to around 400, almost 17,000 views and 146 followers is amazing to me. 
I truelly do write about what I want from one day to the next. Yes if someone request something I have no problem writing about it at all but on a day to day basis I write about what ever I like or inspires me at the moment, although I write for me and would stop if I didnt enjoy it lately Im torn on blogging for me or what others want to read. I say this because yes my views are going up every day but everything else is going down. I lost 2 GFC followers this week, went from the top of the Hellocotton Talent directory to about 7 pages down the list, my blog was also featured weekly on there headlines but hasnt been in months..and you know what people say they dont care about number and that may be true but it makes me sad because I really do feel like the blogging community are my friends (not having many GF to talk to about beauty things with) and losing followers etc feels like losing my friends. 
Ok there are so many things I would love to say but I will stick to just a few or this post will be 10 pages long. here goes...I don't understand why anyone un-follows blogs (unless they all a sudden clash on a major issue) there was a reason you followed in the first place, I find this esp rude after a Giveaway ends. I dislike Follow for Follow requests, I check out everyone who comments or follows blogs any ways and if I like whats infront of me I follow . Popular bloggers who seem to follow no one, I find it snobby. I always check out above/below the comment section on others blogs I'm reading whether or not to leave a link to my blog (not a come check it out to follow) because I respect there wishes but I dont understand them, who cares if I or someone else discovers a great blog through my comments, do you think they only follow one blog at a time and will un friend you, I grew up helping everyone and try to do the same here. The truth is I could ramble for pages about my thoughts on blogging but I will stop with this, I may be new and not understand the blogging community fully yet but I take what I learned as a child and still live my life like today  over into my blog world. Helping, Kindness, Care & Friendship  .

Sara xo


  1. follow me, i'll follow you?... JOKING! Just keep doing what you're doing, there are no rights or wrongs when it comes to blogging. just do it your way :) x

  2. I agree with the comment above, there is no right or wrong way. People unfollow for all sorts of reasons and you must not take it personally.
    Happy 6 month birthday. Keep doing what you do, its great. :) xx

  3. It's just sad. I think the readers you lost might just be people who was hoping for a following back...happens all the time, be happy they gone, cause they probably didn't care anyway. And isn't it funny how the successful bloggers seem to follow nobody? That's crazy lol. I got one or two real famous bloggers who follow me and i am so proud.
    But this just for you: You doing a great job with your blog, it's very informative and i love to read about all you hauls and reviews :)
    Happy 6 months blogging. Keep doing what you do ♥

  4. I know what you feel. I absolutely dislike when people unfollow me but there is not much i could do. All i wish is i knew i could tell who was the one person

  5. I have been a follower for sometime now, I don't always comment but I do read everything :)