Thursday 2 August 2012


Hi dolls hope your all doing well. Today's post is a rare one for me to write. As you may have noticed from my other posts I rarely write about products I dislike but that is what I'm blabbing about today. These are products I never use because I dislike them so much for one reason or another.
SEBASTIAN RE-SHAPER HAIR SPRAY - I love Sebastian in the white can but this time I decided to try this one and I hate it. My hair feels hard but greasy when I used it. Like putting hair spray and hair putty in your hair at the same time.
LANCOME FLASH BRONZER - I was sad this product didn't work for me as I'm loving Lancome right now. It has too much shimmer for me (felt like I was an extra on Twilight) and it turned too orangy on me.
FLAT FOUNDATION BRUSH - I'm a fingers or Beauty Blender gal when it comes to my foundations but I wanted to try a brush..I have no idea what technique I'm supposed to use with this brush it just leaves streaks on my face no matter how long I try to work it in.
STILA FOREVER YOUR CURL MASCARA - It does nothing for my lashes..enough said.
OPI NOTHIN' MOUSIE BOUT IT - Would love to wear this polish, its adorable if I knew how to apply it .When I get all the hearts strategically placed on my nails then wipe the brush over to smooth out the base of the polish it wipes the hearts away.
GOSH LIQUID HIGHLIGHTER - This pearl highlight is a very pretty colour but its really greasy. You can see what I'm talking about on the swatch, that's oil that pumped out.
MAYBELLINE DREAM BOUNCY BLUSH/ ORCHID HUSH - I'm a fan of these blushes and have everyone but this colour does really show on my skin tone..maybe if I layer it 10 times.
What products are you not feelin' right now??

Sara xo
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  1. I wasn't feeling this Magifibres mascara product I've been trying (it's a furry product you layer inbetween coats of mascara to amplify and lengthen). But today it turned out quite good.

    I'm undecided on it :-[ still playing with it and making my mind up...

  2. Havent tried anything like that is white like a lash primer?

  3. i haven't got on with my elf liquid eyeshadow because it is just full of glitter and is sticky :L xox great post though :)

  4. i also dislike those bouncy blushes

  5. nice to read what doesn't work for people, so I won't make the same mistake.

    But for the OPI polish have you tried dabbing it on, rather than swiping? might distribute it all better xx

  6. I use the Stila mascara on my bottom lashes! The wand is so teeny I find it works perfectly for that :)

  7. Thanks for the great idea..How did I not think of that my myself..bottom lashes:) xx