Wednesday 1 August 2012


Hi dolls, I am big collector of Highend cosmetics as its the biggest part of my collection but lately I'm wondering if there really is a difference between Highend & many Drug Store brands these days.  Maybe its just me but the prices of Drug Store cosmetics seems way higher then I've ever noticed before and the products are getting better and better. Any ways if I never discovered the world of Highend cosmetics this is what the base of my collection would look like..and yes I do use all these a pretty regular basis:)
Sara xo
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  1. This is a very interesting post!!! Your blog is always inspirational to me :) I also own the REVLON primer and is a very good one!! I've heard such great things from rimmel bronzer, so I am planning on getting it! The blush looks lovely!!! I have a recent haul on my blog so how about if you check out the products :) XOXO

  2. i am on the same boat, i prefer high end but drugstore is so amazing!

  3. Are you serious? lol. Of course is the quality of a lot of drugstore brands great. From time to time it happens that a cheap product even beats the quality of a high end product. I just buy high end stuff when i came to some money and want to get something special (like the MAC heavenly creatures)...i still use mostly my elf blushes and my wet n wild primer ;)
    great post lady!

  4. I love my highend products but there are some great inexpensive products that are in my everyday routine. I do have a hard time using less expensive brushes, but I also haven't tried out too many of them yet.

  5. I think the difference is really in the quality of ingredients used. Brands like elf or wet and wild use very cheap (and toxic) ingredients in their makeup. Many 'high end' brands use better-for-you ingredients (ie. bare minerals, CoverFX). I also think the pigment pay-off and lasting power of many high end products is superior. Of course, there are some GREAT drug store brands out there, I love my revlon lip butters! However, I would say 90% of my makeup is considered 'high end' branded.

  6. Great post idea! I wonder what my collection would look like?! (Probably be stuck with some mascara and that's about it... I'd need to go shopping haha!)

    Most of my stash is high end. I get drugstore hair products and drug store mascara.

    I should do some more shopping and discover some cheaper dupes maybe.


  7. about 85% of my collection is high end but Im finding more and more drug store brands Im really enjoying.