Monday 3 September 2012

My Absolute Fave - Must Have Eye Shadows

Happy Monday Dolls. Thought I would share my Must Have (Fave) Eye shadows at the Moment. I switch up my make-up on a daily basis usually not sticking to the same products everyday for longer then a week which makes project pan virtually impossible for me. Here are the ones I NEED in my collection:)

Cranberry - Wedge & Satin Taupe

Mushroom - Walk of Shame- Sin & Toasted
Tease - SnakeBite & Suspect

Lost the name card??????
So as you can see I had a hard to narrowing it down to say 5 or 10 lol. If any of you have a must have shadow let me know so I can check it out:)

Sara xo
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  1. which would you say is better, the naked palette 1 or 2? i'm stuck which to get!!


  2. It took me a while to buy the Naked 2 because I didnt think I would use it as much as the original..I definitely reach for the Naked 2 more. They are both amazing..sorry that didnt help hun lol:)

  3. I adore my MUA eyeshadows but would love to try the Urban Decay 2 so baddd!! Its so out of my price range though so MUA will do for now :D

  4. So jealous that not only do you have one Naked pallet.. but two .. DAMN YOU WOMAN!

    Great post though, you always do really clear swatches :)

  5. lol it took me a long time to justify getting both of them. I wish my swatch pics were even better but my 8 yr old camera doesnt always focus:) Sara xx

  6. I do like the colours in the sleek really into more vibrant eye colours since i went red!!

    Thanks for stopping my my blog the other day....have returned the favour and followed xx

  7. I want a Naked palette so bad, I don't care which one, I just want one!

  8. Hey! I love your blog! I just started a beauty blog, would you like to follow each other?


  9. I grab my naked 2 every single day!! It's got some great colors that go well with so many of my palettes.

    Love the sleek palettes...I have acid and glory 2012. I need more!! :)

    Great post!

  10. I need more Sleek Palettes too:) xx

  11. The Sin shade has to be my favourite our of the ones you swatched, it's so gorgeous xx