Monday 3 September 2012

NOTN & A Few New Polishes:)

Hello Dolls, I bought a few Nail Polishes over the last week and thought I would share. I also finally got around to painting my nails tonight:) Don't mind my sad sad nail that hasn't grown back yet after shaving it down to the skin last week in the shower..and this is why I wax my legs lol.

Mini Haul
Essie Yogaga & Boxer Shorts 
Essence 05 Destination Sunshine (bottom swatch is true to colour)

Nails of the Night
I have been trying to build up my Fall/Winter nail polish colours in my collection but couldn't resist these pretty shades. Especially the sunny yellow polish..Ive been searching for all summer:)

Sara xo


  1. I love that Essence shade, you can pair that with a brown/taupe shade or even a grey and that would look amazing!

  2. Loving that Essie Grey shade!!

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  4. Essie boxer shorts looks like such a pretty colour! x

  5. Oh wow - these are all such great fall/spring colors because they work both ways and damnit, if only I had time to paint my nails nicely and the patience to watch them dry. :(