Thursday 6 September 2012

MY Current Obsession - NARS Blush:)

Hi Dolls When I got my first Nars Blush a few years ago I thought OK very pretty but never really payed attention to the rest of the shades well has that changed lately. I'm lusting after so many colours but because I'm saving for a few things Ive put myself on a 1 per Sephora Visit (I go maybe once a month). I only have 4 right now but I'm thinking this is going to turn into a collective obsession like my Benefit Box blushes.
You can easily see which one is my oldest & which one is
brand new:)
(Newest Addition) Dolce Vita
Orgasm - Sin - Douceur & Dolce Vita

My current wish list includes Deep Throat, Oasis, Exhibit A, Torrid, Mata Hari, Love Joy and Out Law..Ok lets just say there is quite a few on my wish list:)

Sara xo
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  1. So envious that you have the NARS blushes, I want them so badly! Especially Orgasm which I sampled the other day in a Space NK store!

  2. dang, all look fab! <3 maybe finally I will get Orgasm, because it indeed looks fantastic!

  3. Could Orgasm be any prettier?! xo

  4. I never head a NARs blush before, but I'm thinking of trying one. Is Orgasm really as good as everyone saids?

  5. aw I would love to own NARS products. The blushes look amazing, so pigmented. Loving how the have shimmer or be kind of matte and still look beautiful! XOXO

  6. I stoll havent tried nars

  7. Really jealous you've got your hands on so many NARS blushes! Along with MAC I could fill my bathtub with all their blushes, bronzers and eye-shadows. Just thinking about it is making me all excited!

    - Holly xx

  8. those colors are gorgeous. i only got the chance to swatch Orgasm a few days ago at Sephora. It's gorgeous on the skin isn't it?

  9. Sin is next in my to buy list, lokks like the perfect Fall blush