Sunday 11 November 2012

Polish Haul (teeny), NOTN & Color Comparison:)

Hello there Lovelies, China Glaze isn't the easiest brand to find where I live so the other day I happened to be at the mall across from me and saw that one of the salons had a big display of them. I have had many colors on my list for years but was good and only picked up 2. Shades I would be drawn to in the summer but I just had to pick them up.

Flip Flop Fantasy & For Audrey
Flip Flop fantasy looks more coral pink then the neon pink my camera is showing it. I tried under every lighting but my camera just wasn't getting it right:)

I love Matte nails but this colour definitely showed every nail flaw (I have many) as well as every brush stroke

Similar Colors

You all know I love my Essie but I have way too many (over 100) so Im trying out other brands. If you have a brand you really like or even some colors please let me know:)

Sara xx


  1. that's definitely a lovely color, and a great dupe! XOXO :)

  2. Great dupe very pretty color.

  3. I want your Essie collection if you have over 100! Wow. I have like 4 and two top coats xx

  4. I love china glaze, the pink is perfect! x